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Leões de Portugal

0.5% Income Tax consignment campaign

The 0.5% Income Tax consignment campaign is crucial for Leões of Portugal solidarity activity, the only charity institution in Europe aimed at sport club members. It is therefore important that the message goes straight into the “mindset” of the sportinguistas, occupying the emotional territory and able to lead to action.Sporting’s songs have long been a differentiating factor compared to other clubs.

A factor of unity, with a great emotional component, which motivates and catapults all the pride of sportinguistas in good and bad moments. In 2022, “Dia de Jogo” (from Supporting band) stood out for its strength among the fans It is a song heard on the streets, in cars, in the pavilion, in the stadium… and was the basis of the exciting end of the match against Manchester City in Alvalade. Inspired by the chorus of this authentic anthem of the 21-22 season, we built the entire narrative of the IRS Campaign 2022 for Leões de Portugal. A Campaign that had some well-known supporters of the Club and that motivated great interest and involvement by Sporting fans.

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